TRANS Everywhere endeavors to provide a safe meeting place for all attendees and encourages each person to contribute to fostering a secure and welcoming environment in which our meetings can take place. We ask that group attendees refrain from any behavior which might compromise another person's safety.
*Adapted from A.A. GSO Safety Card, 2017 

If you feel as though your safety has been compromised in a meeting of T.R.A.N.S., please contact the meeting's Chair to report the incident.

Chairs and co-chairs are empowered to remove a person from a meeting if they are engaging in behavior that directly compromises another person's safety such as harassment, bullying, stalking, or other criminal conduct. As a meeting space, T.R.A.N.S represents a microcosm of the broader world, therefore, the meetings, its chairs, and co-chairs are not legally responsible for any criminal behavior or harm caused within our meeting space, but do try to provide a safe place for our attendees to recover.